South Shore Chinese Church


The Montreal Chinese Alliance Church is a Christian Gospel Faith Church.

  • The Montreal Chinese Alliance Church was founded in 1972

  • It opened another alliance church in March 1988.

  • In October 1998, South Shore Chinese Alliance Church (SSCAC) was established as a third Alliance Church.

This is the result of God’s grace and of believers’ support.



  • SSCAC was designed for the South Shore Chinese community and immigrants.

  • Other purposes include the following:

    • preaching the gospel to the Chinese community

    • studying the Bible

    • helping the Chinese community in their faith and life

    • building the body of Christ through fellowship and discipleship training,

We welcome all Christians to serve together in Church ministry.



  • Sunday Worship : the main gathering for all congregations

  • Sunday School: providing different classes and courses

  • Fellowships: catering to different age groups with different content and languages

We welcome you to explore the website to get a better understanding of each fellowship.


Development and Growth:

  • SSCAC has been through more than 20 years of development

  • The number of attendants has grown from 20-30 people initially to 180 people as of today

  • The Church has established a Church Building team and we pray to God for a new church building to cater to our future development and growth.



  • We sincerely invite you to come participate in our church and experience this beautiful church life

  • We are a family in the Lord by loving, encouraging, and supporting each other

  • This is the testimony of the faith of this church in the Lord


May God bless you and your family with His amazing grace and abundant love!


Weekly Meeting Time and Content:



Zoom ID

Sunday Worship (Mandarin/Cantonese)


2:30 PM

282 477 845

Sunday Worship (English)

2:45 PM

808 630 544

Sunday School (Adults)

10:00 AM

503 527 344

Sunday Worship (Children)

1:45 PM

232 931 381

Prayer Meeting (Mandarin/Cantonse)


8:00 PM

594 210 176

Prayer Meeting (English)

Tuesday once a month

8:00 PM

808 630 544

Cell group Bible study (Cantonese)


10:00 AM

533 697 929

Cell group Bible study (Mandarin)


1:30 PM

125 713 999

Cell group Bible study (Mandarin)


8:00 PM

906 497 264

The Cantonese Fellowship

8:00 PM

721 697 600

The Rebekah Fellowship (Cantonese)

First Saturday

2:00 PM

240 161 367

The Mandarin Fellowship


6:30 PM

996 8383 2858

Ecclesia Fellowship (English)

Please visit

Pastoral Staff:

Rev. Teren Gum, Pastor 甘志聰 牧師 5148331818 (

Rev. Chia-Hsing Wu, Pastor 吳家興 牧師 4509040883 (

Yun-Chen (Jane) Yang, Retired Pastor 楊雲真 傳道 4506726552 (

Ryan Lee, Pastor in charge of English Ministry, (514)4429379(


Theme of the year: Know the Lord deeper, Love the Lord more intimately, Follow the Lord closer

‘’Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding;

in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.’’ – Proverbs 3:5-6